Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation

The security operations workbench. The way you would build it.

The Siemplify platform is a holistic purpose-built security orchestration and security automation workbench that empowers security operations teams to work smarter and respond faster. From triage and investigation to collaboration and remediation, Siemplify streamlines and enriches your security operations.

Siemplify enables enterprises and MSSPs

Siemplify Enables
Enterprises and MSSPs 

  • Reduce caseload by 80% with contextual
    grouping and insights
  • Respond to threats 3x faster using consistent,
  • Track, report and improve SOC processes
Siemplify for Enterprises

What Can Siemplify Do for You?


Manage your SOC from a single workbench

Security orchestration & automation

Orchestrate, automate and collaborate across all your existing tools and technologies, with more than 180 integrations out of the box.

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Automate data gathering and alert triage

Security automation & case management

Automatically bring together related alerts from across your toolset into a single case for investigation, triage, and remediation.

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Create standard, consistent processes

Security playbooks & flexible automation

Create standard, automated processes using a drag-and-drop playbook builder to retain internal knowledge and shorten response time.

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Visualize a full threat storyline

Interactive investigation & incident response

Context and data enrichment helps security teams quickly visualize the who, what and when of a security event to expedite investigation and make better decisions.

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Enhance teamwork and information sharing

Collaboration & communication

Harness the full power of your team with integrated chat for day-to-day security analyst collaboration and an interactive War Room for cross-functional collaboration to expedite the remediation of security incidents.


Measure, report and continuously improve

Security operations metrics & reporting

Customize dashboards to define and monitor security operations KPIs and create automated reports to drive continuous improvement.

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All Your Security Operations in One Workbench.


Security analysts lose precious time running queries and navigating multiple screens and data feeds just to gather the details needed to investigate a single alert.

Siemplify takes a practical approach to addressing these, and other common SOC roadblocks by uniquely combining security orchestration, automation and incident response and delivering it through a complete security operations workbench.

This intuitive workbench prioritizes and consolidates cases, serving as the analyst’s single interface for the security operations processes and tools needed to investigate, analyze and remediate alerts.

Better Together - Orchestrate Your Tools from a
Single Console

Enable your security analysts to work expertly across dozens of tools. Integrate with more than 180 of the security technologies SOCs use most and manage them all from one holistic workbench.


Go Beyond Alerts to Get the Full Story

Individual alerts don’t give security operations teams the full story when it comes to cyberthreats. Only Siemplify’s platform consolidates alerts into cases and marries them with the context and instant insights teams need to build a complete threat storyline.

WHO: the entities impacted and the relationship between them

WHAT: the activities that occurred in each of the affected systems

WHEN: the timeline of the events, assets and artifacts involved

Go Beyond Alerts to Get the Full Story
“Siemplify allows us to get more ROI from our existing security tools and enables our analysts to quickly investigate and understand security incidents.”
- Arieh Shalem, Chief Information Security Officer

Repetitive Tasks Dragging Down Your SOC?

See how Siemplify customer Choice Solutions automated 98% of its Tier 1 security operations tasks, resolving its staffing challenges and empowering its analysts.

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Repetitive Tasks Dragging Down Your SOC_