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Unite your team for improved investigations and incident response.
Security Orchestration - Main Workbench

Fully leveraging the collective brain power of your analysts is vital to the success of your security operations team in the war against cyber threats. Yet, with disparate security tools, inconsistent processes and organizational silos, ensuring your team is collaborating effectively can be a huge undertaking.

Siemplify’s security orchestration and automation platform serves as a workbench for all your security operations activities, facilitating effective, real-time communication and collaboration that results in greater efficiency and faster incident response.

When a major security incident arises, it’s all hands on deck. Connecting security operations to the rest of the business is crucial to mitigating brand reputation damage and managing customer expectations. The Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation Platform features an interactive War Room that provides instant visibility and collaboration between security operations teams and executive, legal, HR and other stakeholders to quickly respond to and effectively handle security incidents.

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Security Orchestration Collaboration War Room
Security Orchestration Collaboration - Integrated Chat

It’s true that two heads are better than one. Now multiply that across your entire security operations team. In addition to centralizing your security operations tools and processes, Siemplify’s platform also includes an integrated chat function to unify your team’s communication. Analysts can quickly and easily collaborate with one another on the investigation, triage and remediation of cases, with all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Good team communication starts with understanding who is working which cases and where to route escalations. In addition to its prioritized case queue, which determines the most critical cases your analysts should address first, the Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation Platform also enables you to automatically assign cases to the appropriate analyst. And, through Siemplify’s playbooks, you can define and automate escalations based on your organization’s unique criteria and processes.

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Security Orchestration Collaboration - Case Assignments  and Escalations
Security Orchestration Center (SOC) Team Roles
Understanding SOC Team Roles and Responsibilities

Security operations teams work most effectively when roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Check out best practices for structuring your SOC.

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Next Generation SOC

The Intelligent SOC uses information from within the organization and from outside sources to guide, inform and prioritize tactical short- and long-term decision making.

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