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What is Security Orchestration?

Security Automation

Security orchestration at its simplest is the connection and integration of disparate cybersecurity technologies and processes. Today’s security operations centers typically have dozens of security tools to detect, investigate and remediate threats. More often than not, these tools don’t talk to one another, requiring security teams to navigate multiple screens and learn a variety of systems to do their jobs effectively. Security orchestration remedies these challenges by bringing together these various tools so they work in concert with one another and streamlining processes that surround the technologies.

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Siemplify security orchestration creates the consistency SOCs of all sizes need to improve their efficiency and effectiveness while getting the most out of their existing security tools. By bringing together disparate security tools and the processes surrounding them, Siemplify’s platform helps security teams make more informed decisions, formalize workflows and automate incident response actions.

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People and Processes
Beyond the Alerts

Security operations teams aren’t short on data. But making sense of information from disparate sources can slow down even the most experienced analyst. Siemplify’s Security Orchestration and Automation Platform integrates the security tools you use most, applies proprietary algorithms to data from across your ecosystem and enriches alerts with the context required for effective case management and informed decision making.

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Security orchestration and security automation are discussed together, for good reason. They work together to make security operations more effective and efficient. Repetitive, manual tasks eat into a SOC’s most valuable resource - time. That’s why Siemplify enables teams to easily adapt playbooks for different use cases, so a SOC can implement their ideal blend of fully automated and analyst-led processes. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop playbook designer puts the power of automation in the hands of security analysts, leaving them more time for activities that require their expertise.

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Security Orchestration & Automation Resources

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