Orchestrate and Automate Security Operations with Siemplify

Operations with Siemplify

Security threats are growing exponentially. Businesses respond by increasing spend and resources, but often fail to achieve the anticipated results. They’re left with a complicated collection of point solutions and a scattered and incoherent landscape filled with blind spots. Yet all the security tools and resources are in place. Except one.

Bring the pieces together, make sense of existing data and optimize ROI with Siemplify—the first fully integrated security orchestration and incident response platform. Siemplify connects your SIEM and other security tools to present you with an accurate, real-time, and contextualized depiction of your threat landscape, across your entire security ecosystem.

Security Teams Using Siemplify:

  • Consolidate alerts by 80%.
  • Triple analyst caseload capacity.
  • Reduce time to insight from days to minutes.