Security Playbooks with
Flexible Automation

Create consistent, repeatable and automated response processes.

The right technologies are crucial to the success of security operations teams, but their effectiveness is only as good as the processes in place for using them. Siemplify’s security orchestration and automation platform gives analysts the tools they need to create repeatable, automated playbooks that create consistency and efficiency throughout the SOC.


No one understands the need for clear security operations processes more than the analysts who are expected to execute them. That’s why Siemplify believes that experienced analysts, not developers should be able to create the playbooks they need to investigate and respond to threats. The Siemplify platform uses intuitive drag-and-drop functionality so playbooks can be built quickly and easily by the people who use them most. And, a simple toggle switch allows you to automate steps with a single click.

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Playbook Builder

Built-in IDE for Advanced Customization

No two SOCs are exactly alike, and neither are their processes. Have workflows that require a high-degree of advanced controls? Use the Siemplify platform’s integrated development environment (IDE) for your developers to add logic and customize playbooks through coding. Even test and iterate - all within the platform.

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Some things work better in theory than in practice. The only way to ensure your playbooks will work as intended is to put them through their paces. Siemplify’s platform makes it possible for your team to simulate a variety of alerts and test the relevant playbooks to ensure all steps - automated and manual - run smoothly.

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Alert Simulations
Get Started with Standard Playbooks

Aggregating all your manual processes can take time. To start streamlining your SOC immediately, Siemplify's security orchestration and automation platform includes a library of 80 playbooks that address the most common security operations processes. Customize and automate these playbooks as you go to create the ideal framework for your team.

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Popular Playbooks
Siemplify’s Most Popular Playbooks.

See our most-used playbooks, all battle-tested by enterprises and MSSPs around the globe.

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Automating Response
Automating Response to Phishing Alerts

Handling phishing alerts can include a lot of manual work and take a significant amount of analyst time. Check out how to apply automation to your phishing alert playbook.

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