Siemplify Security Orchestration for MSSPs

Grow and scale faster with the security orchestration and automation platform purpose-built for multi-tenancy.


Siemplify takes a specialized approach to addressing common MSSP challenges by uniquely combining security orchestration and security automation and delivering these capabilities through a holistic security operations workbench.

Scale more quickly
Offer higher value services
Investigate and respond faster
Efficiently manage multiple tenants and various deployment models
Deliver integrated reporting and real-time visibility
Improve service delivery and analyst retention

MSSPs Trust Siemplify

The Siemplify platform enables MSSPs to seamlessly manage disparate technologies, permissions, reporting and playbooks across their entire client base from a single pane of glass. Siemplify empowers analysts to manage a wider variety of security tools without the need for deep expertise on each technology, making them more efficient and allowing the business to take on a broader range of client environments.

  • Centralized workbench for all analyst tasks
  • A single queue to monitor all tenant alerts
  • Deploy across local, remote and hybrid SIEM environments
  • 180+ integrations across a spectrum of security tools
Start growing faster
Orchestrate Multi-Tenant Environments

New capabilities around managed detection and response (MDR) have created new category entrants and spurred a land grab for market share of these high value, high margin services. The Siemplify platform streamlines and enhances incident response, allowing MSSPs to go beyond management and monitoring to offer additional services at scale.

Outpace Your Competitors
  • Establish customized, automated incident response playbooks with a drag-and-drop playbook builder
  • Run commands in client environments via remote execution
  • Apply security automation to offer leading SLAs
  • Reduce time to insight and mean time to respond by investigating cases instead of managing alerts
Start beating competitors

MSSPs must be able to demonstrate the value they provide to clients, but manual reporting is time-consuming and eats into margin. Siemplify enables real-time visibility through web-based dashboards and automated reports that seamlessly integrate with ticketing systems and client portals for ongoing communication.

  • Automate reports on investigations, SLAs and activities
  • Review daily activity with BI tools for ongoing process improvements throughout your SOC
  • Provide visibility through the channels your clients already use
Start demonstrating value
Demonstrate Value in Real Time

"Siemplify allows us to automate 98% of our Tier 1 tasks and has improved our ability to scale by a factor of 10."

- Brad Horsley, Chief Technology Officer, Choice Solutions

Siemplify’s security orchestration and automation platform help MSSPs focus on investigating and remediating threats instead of spending all their time monitoring and triaging individual alerts. Analysts are able to build the full story
of a security event from beginning to end using proprietary algorithms that put context around alerts to
deliver instant insights into each case.

WHO: the entities impacted and the relationship between them

WHAT: the activities that occurred in each of the affected systems

WHEN: the timeline of the events, assets and artifacts involved

Go Beyond Managing and Monitoring Alerts.
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The market offers several options for security orchestration and automation. Do you know what you're looking for? Check out our MSSP Buyer's Guide for Security Orchestration to get going.

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Taking MSSP security operations to a new level

Choice Solutions, a rapidly growing MSSP, uses Siemplify to automate nearly all of its Tier 1 tasks, allowing the company to scale faster, focus more deeply on real threats and deliver better service to its clients.

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