Interactive Investigation and
Incident Response

Go beyond alerts to reveal the full story of cyber threats.

Siemplify's security orchestration and automation platform helps security teams get to the root cause of a security event instead of spending their time poring over individual alerts. Analysts are able to build a full threat storyline from beginning to end powered by instant insights.

WHO: the entities involved and the relationship between them

WHAT: the activities that occurred in each of the affected systems

WHEN: the timeline of events, assets and artifacts involved

With robust information about each security event in hand, security operations teams are able to investigate cases faster, speeding up incident response and driving down mean time to respond (MTTR).

Enriched Data and Interactive Mind Map Reveal Threat Storyline

 Investigate every facet of a threat. No whiteboard necessary.

The Siemplify platform's powerful security orchestration and customizable cyber ontology capabilities integrate data across your entire security operations footprint, enriching alerts and showing the full scope of entities, artifacts and relationships impacted by a threat.

Siemplify's interactive investigation makes all the components you need for analysis available at the click of a button. Dive deeper into any entity, artifact or data source to learn more. Cross-reference SIEM alerts with endpoint detection and user data. Check IPs and hashes against threat intelligence. See the timeline of events. All in one place.

Start Getting Instant Insights 

Contextual Grouping Enables Case Management

Work 10 alerts. Or handle just one case.


Siemplify combats alert fatigue by applying proprietary data science algorithms that automate the identification and grouping of related security alerts into cases. Customers have seen as many as 50 alerts come together to form a single, manageable case. Evolving from alert triage to case management streamlines daily security operations and allows for focused, rapid investigation and incident response.

Start working cases 

See Which Fires Need Fighting. At a Glance

                                                                  Fix critical cases first via prioritized queue.

Address security emergencies the second they are detected. Siemplify's Security automation and orchestration platform combines alert filtering and management capabilities with an automated prioritization engine to make it crystal clear for analysts to see where their incident response efforts are needed most.

Start prioritizing 

Leverage Machine Learning for Smarter Investigations

Learn from the past to thwart new threats.

Recommendations feature

The Siemplify platform gets smarter with each new threat and each analyst interaction. Security operations teams can put their best analysts to work on each case by receiving assignment recommendations on past analyst experience. The platform also identifies prior threats that can shed light on the best way to address new ones.

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Investigation and Incident Response Resources

Think your SIEM provides all the context you need? 

SIEMs are vital to a SOC. But when it comes to multi-pronged attacks, are you sure you're getting the full story?

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Improve incident response through SOC effectiveness.

Executed effectively, a SOC brings visibility, confidence and efficiency to security operations and incident response processes.

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