Enterprise Security Orchestration and Automation

Combat the alert fatigue, screen-switching and talent shortages that plague today’s enterprise security operations teams.

Security teams not only face an ever-expanding threat landscape, but they also contend with a variety of operational challenges.

Siemplify takes a holistic approach to streamlining enterprise security operations by uniquely combining security orchestration and security automation and delivering these capabilities through a complete SOC workbench.

Fight alert overload
Resolve more cases, faster
Gain deeper insight
Manage all your security tools
Create consistent processes
Track_ measure
Track, measure and improve

Security operations teams frequently rely on manual processes and tribal knowledge to get things done. The Siemplify platform’s playbook builder helps your team create consistent, repeatable security operations workflows supported by flexible security automation to streamline incident response processes, onboard new analysts more quickly and retain departmental knowledge.

  • Create playbooks with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Toggle to select which steps will be automated vs. manual
  • Get started with 80 customizable playbooks provided out of the box
Start automating playbooks

A SIEM is one of the most valuable tools in any enterprise SOC’s arsenal. But as the amount of data flowing into a SIEM increases, so does the volume of alerts coming out of it. The Siemplify platform enriches individual alerts with data from across the environment, grouping related alerts into cases to combat alert fatigue and give analysts the context they need to zero in on truly malicious activity.

  • Automatically group related SIEM alerts into cases
  • Address critical cases first with a prioritized queue
  • Get more context about each alert through data enrichment
  • Reduce time to insight and mean time to respond
Start maximizing your SIEM

New security analysts often have a steep learning curve as they get familiar with your entire ecosystem of security tools, and even the most seasoned analysts can quickly become frustrated by the neverending barrage of alerts. Siemplify addresses these challenges by providing a single interface for analysts to learn, automating repetitive tasks and allowing your team to apply their expertise where it’s needed most.

  • Reduce cases by 80% through consolidation and prioritization
  • Increase analyst caseload capacity by 300% through automation and standard playbooks
  • Get new team members started faster with a single console vs. learning a set of disparate technologies
Start increasing analyst capacity
Multiply the Impact of Your Team-1
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Most enterprise SOCs have 20+ security tools, most of which aren’t integrated with one another and require their
own interface. The Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation Platform integrates the technologies security
operations teams use most, enabling them to expertly manage these disparate tools and their related processes
from a single pane of glass.

  • 180+ integrations across a spectrum of security technologies
  • Centralize analyst tasks in a single workbench
  • Automate workflows across all your tools
  • Unify team collaboration and communication
Start integrating security tools
Make your ArcSight SIEM even more valuable

Siemplify’s Security Orchestration and Automation platform adds context and enriches your ArcSight SIEM alerts. Download our solution brief to see how together, Siemplify and ArcSight can power your security operations.

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Alerts drowning your team?

Reports estimate 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. See how Security orchestration, automation and incident response (SOAR) can increase the efficiency of your existing SOC analysts and help your SOC be more effective against cyberthreats.

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