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Siemplify helps you track, manage and improve based on real-time performance data.
Security Operations

Continuous improvement is a standard pillar in building and maintaining a security operations center. Just as the threat landscape continuously evolves, so do SOC teams as they adjust tactics and processes to stay ahead of threat actors. Measuring the impact and efficacy of security operations is what allows SOC teams to drive better decision making, enhance internal visibility, demonstrate the value of the department to the business and evaluate performance improvements over time.

The mix of metrics that matter are unique to each organization and can include everything from response metrics like mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to resource information such as number of alerts handled per analyst and tool performance and availability.

Every SOC manager has a sense for some of the opportunities for improving the efficiency of their security operations. But, how do you know what to address first or what will be most valuable to the business? Siemplify's  Security orchestration and automation platform delivers real-time insight and business intelligence (BI) for tracking and improving your security operations team's performance, capacity and impact to enhance your overall effectiveness and efficiency.

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Aggregating security operations metrics - much like fully understanding a cyberthreat - can be an arduous, manual process involving multiple consoles and a variety of technologies throughout your environment. Because Siemplify's platform orchestrates and ventralizes your security operations tools and processes through a single workbench, you get access to customizable dashboards that draw upon analytics and business intelligence from across your entire security operations footprint. Highly flexible and intuitive to use, dashboards help you set KPIs and quickly understand your team's performance in alert handling, caseload capacity, incident response and more.

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Your executives want to understand how the SOC is performing, but the KPIs that matter often vary by stakeholder. And manually providing individualized reports takes valuable security operations management and analyst time away from working cases and mitigating threats.  Siemplify's security automation and orchestration platform   includes a powerful templating engine and the ability to generate customized reports with a single click to make it easy to cater to the demands of various members of your organization. Have a CISO that wants the same metrics each month? Automate reports to routinely deliver curated performance data on a set schedule.

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80% Case Reduction
300% Increase In Caseload Capacity
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